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Welcome to Transformer Oil Leak Repairs !
Performance products for sealing active oil leaks in Electrical Transformers

Contents of The Active Leak Repair Kit is as follows:

STEP #1: Oil Stop Plug (Elastoflex) - This is the first defense and you will use this 95% of time while stopping low pressure transformer leaks. While the rest of the industry uses a two component epoxies, we developed our own specialty one component, oil resistant, extremely sticky Pregzite reinforced compound.  It has the ability to stick to oily surfaces by displacing oil.  Simply cut the desired amount and hold on the leak working the product.

STEP #2: OIL STOP Fast Cure (WBC Sealrite)-  This product is used after Oil Stop Plug is applied and the leaking oil is sealed.  Provides extreme adhesion, easy pre-measured two component compound is mixed and applied to form a seal around the Oil Stop Plug. Extend approximately 1.5 to 2" away and around the Oil Stop Plug. Cures in 5 min to form a 100 psi stopping power.
STEP #3: OIL STOP Final Coat (Rubbrex)- The final coat is applied over the Fast Cure. Pre-measured and easy to apply, Fast Cure will seal the repair creating a permanent repair. Cures in approximately 3 hours at 75F and full cure in 24 hours. Do not skip this step as it is very important and adds to the performance of the transformer leak repair
45 Second Epoxy (Repairite 14)- We call it the world's fastest oil stopping epoxy. Mix quick and apply under a minute. Use for certain situations only. This is included in your kit as a back up.  This two component product is ideal to seal active leaks. It is used in place Oil Stop Plug in certain situations. Clean the area around the leak, wipe the area with solvent cleaning pads, mix and hold pressure until it hardens. It's rapidly hardenes but works amazingly well. . 
Sand Paper - An important part of surface prep which one must perform during the repairs. The sand paper will be used when an electric grinder (best option) is not available or in hard to reach places. Sand the metal at and around the leak removing rust and paint until bare clean metal is reached.   Plug the leak with Oil Stop Plug. Sand approximately 1.5" - 2" extending around the Oil Stop Plug and wipe with solvent wipes included in the kit. Apply Oil Stop Fast Cure. Again sand another 1.5" extending around the Fast Cure and solvent wipe. Apply Oil Stop final coat. And your done!
SOLVENT WIPES - IPA Based. Non-Residue solvent wipes are an integral part of the surface prep. Normally used after sanding or grinding to remove dust created by sanding. Each wipe is carefully packaged in a sealed packet for convenience. 
GLOVES & ACCESSORIES also included in the kit.

- Repair a leak in under 10 min
- Versatile System
- Transformer Leak Repair Kit Contains easy to use components!
- Used worldwide as the "Go to" repair
- Save thousands of $$$ on transformer shut down & costly repairs
- Oil Stop Transformer Leak Repair is impervious to oil

- Interior & Exterior Use 
3 Step System : Each perfectly designed with Leaking Transformers in mind 

Currently used by: 
Power Plants/Nuclear & Utility Companies
Ship & Marine Industry
Oil & Gas Refineries
Hotels, Hospitals, Universities 



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