Frequently Asked Question about our Active Transformer Leaks Kit:

Can your Transformer Leak Kit work on active leaks?
Absolutely. It is designed for active oil leaks and not having to drain or depressurize your units.

How many step process is it and how long will it take to seal a leak?
Its a 3 step process. Plug the leak, seal it and protect it. It takes about
15 minutes to repair a leak. 

How does the process work?

See full Technical Data Sheets here  

What types of Leaks can I repair ? 
Transformers are prone to oil leaks which can be caused by corrosion, faulty welds which in turns leads to leaks at fins, flanges, piping, casings, bolts, seals etc.  These are just some of the things one can repair successfully.

What is Oil Stop Plug ?

The Oil Stop Plug was invented by mistake and we got lucky. We were working on a formulation for the U.S. Military on a different area.  A formulation that went wrong ended up being the core of what we know as Oil Stop Plug. Oil stop is a partially cured product which for reasons now known is capable of sticking to oily surfaces. It has the tendency to displace oil and bond to a leaky surface. Unlike other fast set transformer leak repair systems which use an epoxy based system, the oil stop plug is one component with a liking towards oil. Use this as your first step, then cover it with Oil Stop Fast Cure followed by Oil Stop Final Coat.

Is the repair permanent ?

Yes off course. The key is to follow instructions and make sure surface prep is done properly.

What is Oil Stop Fast Cure ?

Fast Cure is your second step in your repair.  It is a carbide reinforced premium epoxy which has been tested to 100psi and is in use in various other specialty applications.  This product secures the oil stop plug and seals the area around it. This product cures fast, so mix quickly and efficiently. Apply immediately. 

Can I see a demonstration video?

Sure, here is our Youtube Video on The Transformer Leak Repair Kit.

Where can I order the product and do you stock it?

You can order by calling E.M.P Inc. at 516-624-9774. Yes we stock these kits as they are very popular.

Do you ship to overseas countries?

Yes we have existing customers world-wide. 

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